Our Programs


Weekly Havan Satsang on
Sunday from

8:30 to 10:30 AM

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Childrens- 4 PM

Ladies - 5 PM

Adults & Meditation- 6 PM

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Social services

we provide social services such providing food to the needy, educating children etc.

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Youth Naitik Siksha 

At 3 PM Daily

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आर्य समाज का भवन सामाजिक एवं पारिवारिक कार्यक्रमों के लिए उपलब्ध है। यज्ञ (हवन), नामकरण संस्कार, मुण्डन संस्कार, वाग्दान संस्कार, विवाह संस्कार, गृह प्रवेश यज्ञ, व्यापार-दुकान आदि प्रारम्भ करने के लिए स्वस्ति यज्ञ एवं शांति यज्ञ आदि धार्मिक अनुष्ठानों के लिए सम्पर्क करें।

Youth Education

  • Naitik Siksha 

  • Sanskrit Classes

  • Havan – Satsang Education

  • Yoga

  • Music

Upcoming Events

1. Youth Summer Camp From June 5 to 11. 

Activities will include Yoga, meditation, Havan, Mehdi, Dance, Music and Sport activities.

2. Yoga Camp from June 16 to 21 in the celebration of International Yoga day.

3. Scholarship program culminating in the test on August 28th.


Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Swami Dayanand Saraswati was an Indian philosopher, social leader and founder of the Arya Samaj.


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